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Opasity Masks

The SMBX come with opasity mask images using. For correctly work with old files and also for creating the new graphics for old SMBX engine, you must use the opasity mask images. If you will use the images in the PGE, recommended to use PNG graphics with own transparency without any mask images.



What is a mask?

A mask is an Alpha-channel coding image. Each Pixel of the mask defining the level of opacity of the same pixel on the source image:
Each Pixel of a mask - is a value of opacity for each pixel of the source image:


This is example of the valid pair:


And target image will be valid (example placed over other image):




But when you will use the invalid, I.e. Lazily-made mask



You will get broken image (example placed over other image):

This means - the colors of the mask applied on the image as alpha-channel values,

and you got the broken image.


Be careful while you creating the masked images manually!














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