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Note: This specification may be outdated, therefore latest specification can be found on the PGE Wiki

theme.ini is a theme configuration file. Theme can be detected only by this file.


All parameters writing under sections [] and have simple syntax: name=value. For example:



theme-name="My mega theme!"




[main] Is a main section of file
theme-name The understandable name of theme
default-splash The default splash image which will be used if config pack is not have own
[file-icons] Replace some window and file type icons
level-16 New -> Level
level-24 Level icon
world-16 New -> World
world-24 World icon
npc-16 New -> NPC, NPC Editor, NPC dialog, etc.
[file-io] Icons of file I/O toolbar icons
file-open Open exist file
file-new Create new file
file-save Save file
file-save-as Save file as
file-reload Reload current file
[icons] Replacement of icons of some tools
debugger Debugger tool (inside View menu)
bookmarks Bookmarks item box
tileset-box Tileset item box
[cursors] Scene special cursors
normal Normal arrow cursor
normal-x Normal cursor hot spot x (from 0 to width-1)
normal-y Normal cursor hot spot y (from 0 to height-1)
resizing Cursor of resizing mode
resizing-x hot spot x (from 0 to width-1)
resizing-y hot spot y (from 0 to height-1)
pasting Pasting mode cursor
pasting-x hot spot x (from 0 to width-1)
pasting-y hot spot y (from 0 to height-1)
placing Placing mode cursor
placing-x hot spot x (from 0 to width-1)
placing-y hot spot y (from 0 to height-1)
erasing Rubber, this cursor displaying when enabled erasing mode
erasing-x hot spot x (from 0 to width-1)
erasing-y hot spot y (from 0 to height-1)
flood-fill Flood fill cursor
flood-fill-x hot spot x (from 0 to width-1)
flood-fill-y hot spot y (from 0 to height-1)
square-fill Rectangle drawing cursor
square-fill-x hot spot x (from 0 to width-1)
square-fill-y hot spot y (from 0 to height-1)
line-fill Line drawing cursor
line-fill-x hot spot x (from 0 to width-1)
line-fill-y hot spot y (from 0 to height-1)
[edit-common] Common edit process tools
playmusic Music player icon
grid-snap Grid snap switch
animation Animation switch
search Search icon
pencil Edit of custom tileset in the tileset item box
[edit-clipboard] Clipboard icons
copy Copy (toolbar icon)
copy-16 Duplicate layer icon
cut Cut (toolbar icon)
paste Paste (toolbar icon)
[edit-history] History manager icons
undo Cancel last action
redo Repeat canceled action
[edit-mode] Editing mode switch icons
selection Switch into default selecting mode
selection-only Switch into selecting mode without grabbing and moving of items
hand-drag Scroll screen by hand drag
erasing Erazing mode, remove all clicked or selected by rectangle items
[edit-resizing] Those icons appearing when you resize something
accept Accept current size and position
cancel Cancel resizing process, leave current settings
[edit-place] Those icons appearing when placing mode in process
square-fill Square fill mode switch
line-tool Line draw mode switch
flood-fill Flood fill mode switch
overwrite-mode Overwrite mode switch
properties Show properties icon
[edit-zoom] Toolbar icons
zoom-reset Reset zoom to 1:1
zoom-in Increase zoom
zoom-out Decrease zoom
[level] Level specific tools
section-settings Show/hide section settings
section-settings-16 Section settings toolbox icon (old)
doors Warps and doors toolbox
layers Layers toolbox
events Events toolbox
water Draw physic environment "Water"
quicksand Draw physic environment "Quicksand"
player1 Switch into placing of start point of first player
player2 Switch into placing of start point of second player
[level-items] Replacing of player point images. You can display any available image (in PNG-format) of any size, image will be attached to bottom-center automatically.
player-point Common start point of player
player1 Start point of firts player
player2 Start point of second player
[section-numbers] Switch of current sections. Section switch is a line of numbers of available to using sections
section-*-selected Selected section number (Replace "*" by number from 1 to 21)
section-*-default Normal section number (Replace "*" by number from 1 to 21)
[locks-level] Level specific locks by item type
blocks-free Default state of all blocks
blocks-locked Locked state of all blocks
bgo-free Default state of all BGO
bgo-locked Locked state of BGO
npc-free Default state of all NPC
npc-locked Locked state of NPC
warps-free Default state of all warps
warps-locked Locked state of warps
physenv-free Default state of all physics environment zones
physenv-locked Locked state of physics environment zones
[locks-world] World map specific locks by item type
tiles-free Default state of all tiles
tiles-locked Locked state of all tiles
scenery-free Default state of all sceneries
scenery-locked Locked state of all sceneries
paths-free Default state of all paths
paths-locked Locked state of all paths
levels-free Default state of all levels
levels-locked Locked state of all levels
musicboxes-free Default state of all music boxes
musicboxes-locked Locked state of all music boxes
[items] Overwrite default dummy images of items
level-background Dummy background image
level-bgo Dummy background object image
level-block Dummy block image
level-npc Dummy NPC image
world-path Dummy path image
world-scenery Dummy scenery image
world-tile Dummy tile image
world-level Dummy level image
world-musicbox Music box item image





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