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Platformer Game Engine

by Wohlstand


This project is distributed under GNU GNLv3 .


So what exactly is this? This is an free and open source game engine and toolkit which giving able to create games of platform genre.

The main and important idea of project - to give possible for any user to creating platform games from exists media which you have or which you can draw yourself. This idea I found in the SMBX fan game, but main deficiency of SMBX is a strict data standard and closing to the Mario fan game series.

Engine is going to be 100% compatible with SMBX. The main parts it would contain would be a (SMBX compatible) game engine and a tool-kit for creating games.

 I've been working on this project since at least December 2013, and after lots of hours spent in researching SMBX 1.3, I've figured out a way to retain compatibility with SMBX. This in my opinion, is very significant as there are a lot of episodes and levels made for SMBX out there. And having a better program that can open/play/save in the SMBX64 format is very much in need.





In December 2013 I had a desire to create SMBX-compatible game engine, and in doing so, give it a new life. The game that inspired me is called Hedgewars, a clone of the game "Worms" by the company Team17. I decided to create a new game engine, with the source code open under the GPLv3 License.

One of the most important parts of this project in my opinion is the NAME. Because of the NAME of his project, Redigit came to grief with Nintendo. Therefore, the engine which I will publish will not be named after "Mario", and the new name will be a replacement to this. However, the engine will be fully compatible with SMBX, meaning it IS possible to use SMBX files with my engine.

For the project I decided to use Qt and SDL libraries with C++. I want to make the engine cross-platform: for Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac OS. The project will live if it is libre, open source.


The Project is Currently Under Construction, as of now, the editor is currently available as a standalone application without its engine counterpart. All sources are published on the GitHub repository.


Development of a game engine requires much responsibility and hard work, therefore sufficient time and motivation is necessary for this goal to be achieved.



Does this project sound interesting to you? You can show your support and join us!








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