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Hot key Description Extras
Ctrl+O Open exist file  
Ctrl+S Save current file  
Ctrl+Shift+S Save current file as...  
Ctrl+Alt+S Save all files  
Ctrl+Alt+Q Exit from application  
Ctrl+C Copy selected items to clipboard
Ctrl+X Copy selected items to clipboard and remove them.
Ctrl+V Switch to Paste mode
Ctrl+Z Cancel recent action
History Manager
Ctrl+Y Repeat cancelled action
History Manager
Ctrl+F Search items on level  
Alt+Enter(Return) Switch betwee fullscreen and normal mode  
Level/World Editing
Ctrl+[1,2,...,9,0] Switch to level section 0,1,...,9  
Ctrl+Alt+[1,2,...,9,0] Switch to level section 10,11,...,18,19  
Alt+1 Switch to section 20  
Mouse Wheel Scroll vertically  
Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Scroll horizontally
Shift+Mouse Wheel Scroll vertically faster  
Shift+Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Scroll horizontally faster
Alt+Mouse Wheel Zoom in/out  
Arrow keys Scroll map
Shift+Arrow keys Scroll map faster  
Ctrl + '+' Zoom in
Ctrl + '-' Zoom out
Ctrl + '=' Reset zoom  
Right Mouse Button Fast switch into 'Select' mode  
Ctrl Show coordinates hint on mouse move  
Esc Clear selection / Fast switch into 'Select' mode  
S Switch to Select mode  
W Switch to "Select only" mode  
D Switch to Drag Scrolling mode  
E Switch to Rubber (Erase) tool  
Del Remove selected items from map
Ctrl+L Show/Hide Layers toolbox
Ctrl+E Show/Hide Events toolbox  
Ctrl+D Show/Hide Wars and Doors toolbox  
Shift+S Toggle Rectangulag place mode
Shift+C Toggle Circlular place mode  
Shift+D Toggle Line mode  
Shift+F Toggle Flood-fill mode  
Functional keys
F1 Help contents  
F5 Launch test of current level  
F8 Reload current file  
F9 Disable/Enable collisions  
F10 Disable/Enable animations  
F11 Play/Stop music  
F12 Export selected fragment of Level or World map
into the image file
  Resizing process hor keys
  Enter Accept new size and return to select mode  
 Esc Cancel resizing, keep current size and return to select mode  


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