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Here you can define autoscrolling of target section.



- Don't forget to define target section size in the section properties of same event. If you wasn't redefine of section. autoscroll will not be working.

- If you want use autoscrolling in the original SMBX, be careful, because SMBX engine has a bug: Autoscroll will work only for one section and only if this section contains a start point of playable character and when event contains autoscrolling definition will be triggered via special "Level - Start" event. If you will try autoscroll another section, it will not work!


Horizontal speed:
If <0 - move to left.
If >0 - move to right
If =0 - stop
Vertical speed:
If <0 - move to up
If >0 - move to down
If =0 - stop




How to make the autoscroll of the section

1) In first step, you should to define the default section size which will be autoscrolled.


2) Open in the same event the "section settings" tab and then mark "define new" and set a size of autoscrollable part of screen. You can click "Capture" button to define size of the scrollable part of the section in the interactive mode:


The examples of autoscrolling areas:


3) Set the number of section which will be autoscrolled and the speed X and speed Y values.


Don't forgot mark this event as autostart! (requires by SMBX, if you will play same level in the PGE Engine, autoscroll can be toggled via side event triggers (blocks or NPC's))


If you made everything correctly, the screen will start scrolling when this level will be started, when you will enter into section with defined autoscrolling and when you will toggle autoscroll via side event triggers.


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