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Events - there are an automatical actions which dynamicly controls the game process and makes dynamic changes of level, game or settings of objects. They can be started automatically by sprcial actions - triggers.


To add new event into the list, simply press to the "+" button. To remove - "-". You can duplicate current layer by clicking to "cln" [clone] button.

Event can be started automatically when you will set "Autostart" checkbox.


There are exists system evens, which you can't delete them:

"Level - start" - starting automatically when level starts, you can use them for pre-sets of visibly events, show greeting message, start moving of spike wall, etc.

"P Switch - Start" - This event starts if you will activate the sprcial item, called as "P-Switch". You can make, for example, showing of layers with surprise for your playable character.

"P Switch - stop" - This event starts if P-Switch timer was ended. This event you can use, for example, to hide same layer with surprise.


Note: You can drag events and change their position in list

You can rename event by double click on layer name.

New name of event will be applied to all items which using them without losing of connections.


Events toolbox


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