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Item Toolbox

Item toolbox - The special toolbox which contains a lists of available items to place into current level section. To switch current mode into item placing mode, you need only press on necessary item, and you can place items into level section.

For convenience in the item toolbox are groups which are spliting large item packs, categories which are spliting items by their type and roles.


- To show elements with a custom graphics on current level, you can open the
[custom] category.
- If on level is no customized items the [custom] categoty list will be empty.
- If you created a new level and saved it into the disk, to reload custom graphics you must reload a level (F8 key).


Level Item toolbox


Also you can find necessary item(s) into current list by it's name, or by it's ID.


Item search: by name and by ID





You can drag and move any toolboxes and resize them as you want.


Vertical view of item toolbox



Horisontal view of item toolbox






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