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Background objects. - is a sceneries. But some BGO can have special features: platform movement paths, will define movement paths for moting "platforms", reverser, what will revert platform's speed back. Some BGO allows to clibmb on them. BGO can be background and foreground. Foreground BGO placing over all other level items.


Placing of BGO


BGO Context menu



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BGO Properties

Each BGO now have only two options:


Layer - here defined the layer, what is owner of this BGO. All items at first are a members of "Default" layer.


Z-Layer - defining the displaying priority: over or under other items. (Avaialbe only for LVLX format)

Z-Offset - Is a helpful value which allow to order BGO's which displaying over/under each other. (Avaialbe only for LVLX format)


Sorting priority - The special option using only for SMBX LVL file format saving process, but not save into them.

This option can be used only as hack of SMBX to force display background BGO as foreground. This option don't defining Z-value, which a real foreground/background position index. This option defining the sequence of array items for BGO in file.



BGO Properties toolbox



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How work the "Sorting priority" value?

This working ONLY if you saving into SMBX file format. And will not saving in them. Aftter reopen same file you need to define this value again.


All data, include BGOs, in files written in defined sequance: 



When we using the sort priority value, we will tell to BGO's place in the begin, middle or in the end of array:


SMBX Renger algorythm displaying BGOs by special groups - layers, and BGO order is very important for this case. So, if we are will do a change of the order, we are will let a first BGO, which marked as "Foreground", to made all next BGOs to be foreground too, even if there are hasn't a "foreground" flag. Knowing this thing is possible to force display any background BGOs as foreground.


To allow this feature work, you must to place to the map any of true "Foreground" BGO in the any position (if your level has no those BGO's, place one of them out of section to get it on the level space). This trick requires a one of foreground BGO under our BGO's which we are want to make foreground too.


Don't forget, that if you saving file into SMBX1...64 LVL format, on next open of this file you must to redefine the sorting priority value again, because in doesn't saving into SMBX level file. Backup saved into LVLX file format is suggested.


Result of BGO hack in action
(bush in the right drawn over playable characters)



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