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Blocks - the a solid objects which are tiles with his shape and size. The main construction material of which level consists. The majority of blocks interacts from players on whom it can stand about which the player can hit which can be a limiting wall. There are blocks the touch to which hurt to the game character, and some are capable to kill instantly not only it, but also to destroy other objects which have touched them. There are special blocks with own algorithm of interaction with the player. For example: switch, switching wall, what changing his state frol lock to unlock and back; switches between player characters and character limit blocks, what allows walk throught them only for one of characters, for other characters theese blocks working as normal, etc. As there is a special type of blocks which can have any size. This is a Sizable blocks.


Placing of blocks


Block context menu



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Block Properties


Each block have flags:

Invisible - The block will be invisible and will appear only on hit it. This flag useful for place some secret bonuses or make one way holes.

Slippery - The block's top surface will be slippery.

Contained NPC - NPC which will appear from block when player hit it.

Block can contain the some number of coins, or one of NPC.


Layer - here was defined the layer which is owner of this block. All items at first are a members of the "Default" layer.


Each block have the event slots:

Destroyed - this slot activating if block was be breaked, crashed, destroyed, etc.

Hit - This slot activating if blocks was be hit, kicked, beated from side or bottom.

Layer is empty - (In SMBX this slot was  called as "No more objects in layer") this slot activating when was activated the "destroyed" slot and when layer which owner of this block is haven't other objects.



Block Properties toolbox


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Sizable blocks

This is a special block type which can have any sizes. Unlike standard blocks, this block placing by rectangle drawing and it's size is defining by size of rectangle when you release mouse key:


Drawing of sizable blocks



This blocks can be resized. Unlike standard blocks, these blocks displaying in the low background layer and displaying always under BGO (but some BGO in the exception can be shown under sizable blocks).


To start resizing, you should open the "Resize" context menu item and you will see a blue rectangle which a "sizer". Move corner dots or sides to define new size of block. When you done resizing press the ENTER key to accept new size, and then block will have a new size. If you will press the ESC key you will cancel resizing and block will keep current it's size.

Note: If you wish to get more features of resizer box (green net which defined new size of section), click inside of them by right mouse button. The context menu has actions:


Resizing of sisable blocks


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