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Section - separated sub-area of level which have his own settigs: music, background, physics, etc. Player can move between sections by special points - warps. All sections placed in a single space, and you can see many sections, but you can set settings only for current section.


Each section have his settings:

- Music: on this section will be played selected music

- Custom music file: here you will define custom music file, what allows to use music not from staff list.

- Background: it is a picture, what will be shown in back of this section.

- Connect left-right sides (Level Warp) - all outed offscreen objects will be appeared and entered from opposite side of this section.

- Offscreen exit - allows to player exit from level on go out from screen of this section

- One-way scrolling (No turn back) - allows to move player only to right side. Camera will not be scrolled to left.

- Underwater - apply to total area of current section the underwater physics.



Section swith panel. here you can fastly switch to another section:

If you list in huge level space, you have possible to instant return to left-bottom, left-top, right-top, or right-bottom current section's corner. On switching between sections, your last position will be saved, and on switching back will be restored in same coordinates.


Section settings toolbox 



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