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Application settings

Here you can set configure application.




Main Settings

Autoplay music - Music will always start playing on file load

Animation - On the map will play animations of items.

Animation items limit - This limit disable animation when on the map will be too many items.

Collision detection - This feature enable checking of collisions when you move items.


Document view - You can define view of opened documents: as subwindows or as tabs.

Associate file extensions - This feature allow to open files from your file manager directly.




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Editor settings

Here you can enable or disable editing process features.

Duplicate selected items into mouse position - this means: when you press middle mouse button, all selected items will be duplicated into current mouse position relative to left-top corner.

Switch placing mode of selected item - this means: you can switch placing mode if you select one of items. This feature nearly to SMBX's selection tool which always switch placing mode of selected item.

Switch to drag scroll - if your map haven't selected items, you will switch into drag scroll mode.


Don't show properties box on taking item to place - Properties box will not be shown when you take items from item boxes. To open properties dialog use the "Properties" button on the toolbar.

Max history entries limit - Defines how much history actions can be remembered.



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Here you can redefine initial state of properties boxes when you placing elements, creating events or configuring warps.



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View settings

Here you can set up some view settings. For example, tab direction of the toolboxes.

Also here you can change icon theme if it was installed into themes/ directory





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Logging settings

Here you can set log file, where editor will write its work process logs.

Log level - is a filter which allow write or anything, or only warnings or errors. Also you can disable logging.





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