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PNG to SMBX GIFs pair converter


PNG2GIFs - is a converter which create the SMBX64 GIFs pair which using the mask for define transparency from a transparent PNG image.


Example of the source PNG image


And example of the target GIF image pair:


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How to use PNG2GIFs Converter

 PNG2GIFs - is a console tool, you need open the terminal or command line and change directory to the PNG2GIFs tool.


To convert all graphics which are in one folder:


PNG2GIFs C:\SMBX\worlds\episode1\level3



To convert all graphics of an whole episode, you need use the "-W" switch:


PNG2GIFs -W C:\SMBX\worlds\episode1



Also you can remove source images with switch "-R":


PNG2GIFs -W -R C:\SMBX\worlds\episode1


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Usage of the PNG2GIFs Converter for single images

Also you can simply drag image files into PNG2GIFs application, and it will run conversion of these images


Before conversion


After conversion:

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Usage of PNG2GIFs converter with GUI

The Editor have a GUI shell for set properties to the PNG2GIFs.

For open them, try the menu item: "Tools -> External tools -> Convert PNG into the masked GIFs (PNG2GIFs)"

And you can configure properties for setup the batch converting.



When you press "Start", will be opened the "Developement Console" window, where you will see the converting process.





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