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Custom data tools

Custom data tools are allows you to automatize some processes with a custom data and graphics.


Clear unused custom files

Moves away a custom files which are never used in the levels. All files are will be moved into new-made sub-folder.



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Import custom data

Copies custom data files from choisen folder into level/world custom folder. You also can drag & drop folder with a graphics into level/world editing sub-window to import data from it.



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Fix invalid masks

Fixes all broken or lazily-made masks in the custom folder of a level or a world map.



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Clean-up junk NPC's after placing bug of SMBX 1.3

Removes a junk NPCs which are appeared because bug in the SMBX 1.3 which causes appearence of duplicated NPCs while mouse movement with held button. Usually this happens with climbable NPCs which are has a flag to don't collide with other NPCs. Mistake resulted because those NPCs also never collides with similar NPCs, therefore junk NPCs are appearing. To escape this bug, placement of every NPC by one click is needed. PGE Editor has no this bug, therefore line drawing of those NPCs is safe. Those NPCs are may cause a lag on some levels.



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