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Developement Console

This is a developement console. Here will be logged all log events of editor working, and also you can type some commands to control the editor's settings. Also this is a single way to enter cheats into engine part while level is testing.


To open console simply open menuitem  [? -> Show Developement Console].





Available comsole commands:

Now console available for tests and have a few commands. This list will be exchanged while developing process is going.


Command Description
?, help  Prints the command help

display message "-> All good!"

version display version information of the editor application
md5 Args: {SomeString} Calculating MD5 hash of string
strarr Args: {String array} validating the PGE-X string array
savesettings  write application settings into config file (usually settings writing on exit)
quit  close editor application






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