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Tileset Item box

This is universal and editable item toolbox.


It is a good additional feature to regular item toolbox:
- regular item toolbox which available by default have a filter search and search by ID which helps you to find necessary item by name or by ID. Also with them you can place any items, even secret and super-secret.
- tileset item box is more convenient for create combinations of similar tiles and more visually, this is a best choice for use a compound items, (like ground tiles with a slopes). You can create own tilesets for your custom graphics which will be saved in the episode or level specific folder.


Each tab of tileset - is a category, and comboboxes - is a tileset groups.




Custom tilesets

Custom category - is a special tab, where are current level and episode specific tilesets which saving together with level or world or in the custom level/world directory.




Tileset Editor

You can edit its global set in the [Tools -> Tilesets and palletes] menu:


Tileset editor giving you possible create any tileset by drag and drop items from global list of selected item type.




Tileset group editor

Also you can create the groups of tilesets which will be always displayed in the tileset box.

Note: If you want create a category, simply save tileset group with new category name, and this category will be automatically created.












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