Documentation of hardcoded PGE Engine Lua API


GlobalConstants Globally visible constants of engine.
To use them you don't need use module name.
AnimatedEffects Animated graphical effects
AudioFuncs Sound and music functions
ConfigPackPaths Config pack paths info functions
GraphicFuncs Global graphics functions.
LoggerFuncs Engine logger functions
TextAndRenderFuncs Text printing and drawing functions
SettingsManager Manager of Game Settings
SimpleEventClass Simple utility class for a custom events
EventCallbacks Callback events called by engine.
LevelCommon Level specific functions and classes
PhysBaseClass Level physical object base class
LevelBlockClass Level Block class and functions
LevelBGOClass Level BGO class and functions
LevelNpcClass Level NPC class, functions, and callback events
LevelPlayerClass Level Playable Character class, functions, and callback events
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