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SMBX - What is it?



In the year 2009, Andrew "Redigit" Spinks began work on the game: Super Mario Brothers X. Gradually the game gathered a following among fans of the Mario game series.

In my opinion, it is perhaps one of the all-time best Mario fan games. It combined gameplay elements from games such as Super Mario Bros, by Super Mario Bros. 2, SMB 3, Super Mario World, and the Legend of Zelda, etc. The built-in level editor allows the user to not only edit levels, along with an engine to debug them in real time, but also allows the player to create full-fledged episodes with a plot!

Unfortunately in 2011, Redigit received a call from the lawyers of Nintendo, who threatened him and demanded he remove SMBX and stop any further development. After some time, the supermariobrothers.org domain was also taken over by Nintendo. So such a remarkable project was killed.

But even so, it continued to played. A lot of "episodes" have been made for SMBX, and the game is still very popular. However, the game was not perfect. The game would often overload the processor to 100%, even when the user is not performing tasks or using other programs.

There were several attempts to revive the project, but they all failed.

The main mistake: the game was published UNDER A COPYRIGHTED BRAND.

Redigit was making money off SMBX with ads located in the SMBX installer, on his forums, and on his website. Redigit was making money with Nintendo's brand and characters, without permission. Nintendo didn't approve of this and therefore SMBX was shut down.

SMBX now:

Even today, SMBX still is in demand, many people still create new levels and episodes, even custom programs that can be used with SMBX.

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